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Norwich and Norfolk Wedding Photography Q & A

Where are you based?

I am a wedding photographer based in Norwich, Norfolk. I typically shoot weddings throughout Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and UK wide. Some times even shooting weddings overseas.What is your Style of Photography?

What is your style of wedding photography?

I shoot in a relaxed, unobtrusive creative documentary style of wedding photography. I am mostly a candid shooter and observer however I will also set up some shots which will include the use of off camera lights and coloured gels etc. Lighting is a key component of dramatic photography. Off-camera-flash photography is something a lot of photographers spend a great deal of time mastering. You need to be able to create your own light in some other way if the sun just isn’t cooperating on the wedding day or for creative effect. For the first dance I will use three to four speedlites in various locations to get the look I am after. Anyone can take a great photo here and there, but what separates a true professional is their ability to take amazing photos, consistently, capturing every part of the wedding day. Weddings are planned for months and years, detail shots of the little things are important, the rings, the dress or something personal which was made for the Wedding. Also later in the day I sometimes set up an outside studio with a couple of off camera flashes and invite couples or families to have a portrait picture taken. 

I like my finished images to be punchy, colourful, matt, with good contrast. My black and white images I would describe as being rich, with deep blacks and high hi lights.

What does the meet and greet involve?

I meet most of my wedding clients at a coffee house such as Costa or Starbucks, even if you are not a hot drink fan its a nice and relaxed place to meet (Other cafes are available). If you don't wish to meet personally then a telephone conversation is the next best thing. Some people do book me without ever speaking or seeing me before their big day. There is no pressure in the meet up, we talk about your wedding day, what I can offer, how I work and I will show you a collection of wedding images.

What does the Engagement Photoshoot shoot entail?

First we choose a location, normally somewhere with stunning backdrops like the beach, woods or a park. Although I do tend to take most of clients to a certain wood, near Norwich. I will take a mixture of shots, some set-up with the use of off camera flash and others just using natural light with the couple not being posed. Its normally good fun and a chance to relax and feel comfortable in front of the camera. You get all the edited images on a disc usually within a week. These can be used for save the date cards, shared on social media or put into frames and displayed on your wedding day, the choice is yours.

How long before we receive or Wedding images?

Usually 2 weeks, but can sometimes stretch to 4 weeks in extremely busy periods. I edit every image individually and do not batch edit them, I then post or deliver them personally. They come on a Rob Buttle Photography USB with you having copyright to print and share as you wish.

What equipment do you use?

I'm a Canon shooter, I work with two Canon bodies and a number of high end lenses. I like to use Prime lenses as I believe you get greater image quality and I'm a big fan of Bokeh (Blur). I also use multiple off camera flashes for creative effect. I also use various ways to modify the light, reflectors, lights, soft boxes and umbrellas.

Do I need feeding on the day?

I am self sufficient but I wouldn't say no :)

Do you have insurance?

Yes I have Public Liability as well as indemnity insurance.

What if we lose our wedding images?

I keep all edited wedding images for two years minimum. I have numerous and very large hard drives.

What editing software do you use?

I use Adobe Photoshop CS6.

Do you work alone?

I do work alone but sometimes I will bring an assistant to help with my gear and to assist with holding my lights.

How many group shots would you advise us to have?

In my opinion to many group shots can halt the day, sometimes people can stand about for a while and start to get bored or if its cold people don't want to stand about for to long. You need to allow about 3-5 minutes per group shot. I suggest keeping the number around ten or less.

Can you make me look slimmer? Can you whiten my teeth? Can you make me look younger?

To be honest I do take out spots, cold sores and blemishes if requested, but I am not in the business of drastically changing people, I shoot what is front of me, I see beauty in everyone no matter what their appearance so just be relaxed and enjoy yourself and all this will come across in the photographs. 

We really love our wedding images how can we thank you?

For my business to survive and grow I rely on testimonials, recommendations, reviews on Google and facebook likes. Please take the time to show your support, its very much appreciated.

Any questions not answered here, please contact me and feel free to ask anything.

Thank you - Rob Buttle

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