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Norfolk Creative Portrait and Natural Documentary Wedding Photographer – Rob Buttle Photography.

Timeless Wedding Photography for the modern times. Rob Buttle Photography is a Creative Portrait and Natural Documentary Wedding Photographer based in the beautiful city of Norwich, Norfolk in the UK.

I create stunning, high contrast, colourful and creative wedding photography with a very modern touch. I am best known for my artistic flare and the use of off camera lights along with my creative approach to composition, stand back, documentary style of capturing natural moments and my fine eye for details in regards to wedding photography. I have photographed many weddings throughout  norwich, norfolk , uk and even a few destination weddings abroad.  For each of those weddings I strive to create beautiful, natural photographs of naturally occurring moments, stunning portraits, delicate detail images, and dynamic reception images and when the lights start to fade and the use of creative flash becomes a must I really come in to my own element.

© Rob Buttle Photography 2016